Truck, chassis or trailer : rentals to suit your needs

Are you looking for a solution to your logistic challenge? Or do you want to rent a truck, chassis or trailer for a longer period, perhaps with an option to buy? Whatever your logistic requirements, you will find a solution tailored to match the size of your budget and your specific needs at ATL Renting. For truck, chassis or trailer rental, you can choose from two formulas:

Option 1 - Operational rental

You rent a truck, chassis or trailer and at the end of the rental period you return it to us. You pay only the cost of rental and, if applicable, the fuel you have used. Any other costs - such as maintenance and repairs due to normal wear and tear -  are paid by us. You choose the logistic solution to suit your particular situation. Our carefully maintained operational fleet consists of high quality equipment that is, on average, two years old. This lets you benefit from the most recent developments in technology and transport!

Option 2 - Financial rental

With this formula you pay the rental cost, as well as all operational costs including maintenance, fuel and repairs. Your equipment usually comes from our rental fleet, but new units can be available. At the end of the rental contract period you can choose to buy your truck, chassis or trailer.

Do you need to rent a trailer, truck or chassis using one of ATL Renting's flexible formulas?

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